About paper submission

Submission page (external site)


Each presenter is requested to prepare a proceeding manuscript in the following manner and to submit it via ONLINE SUBMISSION SITE by the submission deadline: March 8th March 15, 2024 at 17:00
To log in to the submission site you will need the ID, password, and Registration Number. issued by the following two emails:

  • PAPER REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION RECEIPT EMAIL issued when your registered your presentation at the On-line Paper Registration Site. (ID and password are provided)
  • PARTICIPATION REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION RECEIPT EMAIL issued after the registration of your participation at the Participation Registration Site. (Registration Number is provided)

For the paper submission, Membership number of JSME or other associate academic societies is required. Please complete the membership application beforehand. If the presenter does not have any membership please apply for membership or consider using the Membership Package.
* Presentation guidelines  will be announced at a later date.
* Conference proceedings will be published on May 28, 2024 (Tuesday)

Instructions for Manuscript Preparation

Please prepare the following documents when submitting your paper.

  • Paper manuscript (PDF file, 2MB or less, 2 to 4 pages)
  • Outline for JST database (within 200-250 characters, only for those who wish to be published *)
  • Video (optional, MPG/MPEG/MP4 format, less than 4MB including manuscript manuscript*)

* Submitted papers and videos will be distributed to participants as proceedings of the conference. We will also publish conference proceedings after the conference. Publication in the JST database is at the author's request.
If you do not wish to publish it, the JST database summary is not required.
Please submit your paper from the paper submission page.
Please use Windows or MacOSX for the posting environment.
Please see below for details on formats, etc.

Manuscript format

The conference proceedings is published by digital data. Each presenter is requested to submit the final manuscript PDF file generated by using the following template files (PDF, MS-WORD, LaTeX) which can be downloaded in the following links. (To download the files, Right-click on the file's link and select "Save link as".)

Detailed format descriptions

  • Only PDF files are accepted. The manuscript should have 2 pages at least and 4 pages at most. No materials over the following size limit are accepted:
    • Up to 2MB without videos.
    • Up to 4MB with videos (including manuscript)
  • DO NOT PRINT paper ID, page numbers, or conference name. These items will be inserted by the editors in the production of the media. Both top and bottom margin (25mm) must be kept.
  • The manuscript's language can be either Japanese or English.
    If you are writing in Japanese please write the paper's title and authors (affiliations) in both Japanese and English. However, abstract (100-150 words) should be only in English. From the top of the 1st page, Japanese title, English title, Japanese authors and English authors should be located in this order. Keywords should be located below the abstract. A circle should be marked at the top of the presenter among the multiple authors.
    If you are writing in English please only write the title and authors in English.
  • Please follow the JSME research presentation standards here.

    Supplementary Multimedia Attachment

    Video submission is OPTIONAL. Please make the video file so that the total size of the manuscript and the video is less than or equal to 4MB. A video should be in a standard MPG/MPEG/MP4 format, which is playable in QuickTime Player/Windows Media Player or both. NO EXTRA FEE is charged for the video submission. Exceeding the above maximum size is not acceptable. Background music in the video is prohibited because of possible concerns about the copyright.

Regarding Academic Awards

In this conference, papers and presentations will be reviewed for nomination for
(1) JSME Outstanding Presentation Award for Young Fellows,
(2) Robotics and Mechatronics Division General Awards: ROBOMECH Award (academic research field), ROBOMECH Award (industrial and practical field), ROBOMECH2024 Best Presentation Award, ROBOMECH2024 Best Demonstration Award.

Please note that only papers and presentations that have been submitted for the awards will be reviewed.
In addition, excellent papers and presentations from those selected for review will be encouraged to submit to a special issue of the ROBOMECH journal.
In order to be awarded any of the prizes, the recipient must be an individual member of the Japan Society of Mechanical Engineers (JSME),  those who join after being selected as a candidates are also eligible.
Please enter the required information in the appropriate section if you would like to be considered.

    1. JSME Outstanding Presentation Award for Young Fellows (This award is given to an individual presenter who is under 26 years old as of April 1, 2025 (date of birth on or after April 2, 1999).
      For more details, please visit this page:
    2. Robotics and Mechatronics Division General Awards (All presenters are eligible.)
      ・ROBOMECH Award (academic research field), ROBOMECH Award (industrial and practical field): All authors named jointly in a paper/presentation will be awarded.
      ・ROBOMECH2024 Best Presentation Award: The individual presenter will receive an award.
      ・ROBOMECH2024 Best Demonstration Award: The individual presenter will receive an award.
      For more details, please visit this page:
    3. Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Contribution (Newly established from ROBOMECH2024 for presenters in the Interdepartmental OS Division)
      Research presented in the Interdepartmental OS Division will be considered for the "Certificate of Merit for Outstanding Contribution". We look forward to your participation.