Submission of Proceedings Manuscript

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If you have a question about submissions or modifications, please contact to ROBOMECH2017 Program Committee
(E-mail: robomech2017pc[at]

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Each presenter is requested to prepare a proceeding manuscript in the following manner and to submit it via ONLINE SUBMISSION SITE by the submission deadline: 12:00 JST (UTC+09) on March 6th (Mon), 2017.
To log in to the submission site, two pairs of ID and password issued by the following two emails are required:

  • PAPER REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION RECEIPT EMAIL issued when your registered your presentation at the On-line Paper Registration Site.
  • PARTICIPATION REGISTRATION CONFIRMATION RECEIPT EMAIL issued after the registration of your participation at the Participation Registration Site.


For the paper submission, Membership number of JSME or other associate academic societies is required. Please complete the membership application beforehand if the presenter does not have any membership. The following campaign is also available.


The poster presentation guide at the conference site is here.

Instructions for Paper Submission

The following materials including a manuscript and images:

  • Manuscript (PDF file, 2MB size maximum, 2-4 pages)
  • Abstract text for Conference Digest Book (about 60 words)
  • Representative image file for Conference Digest Book (JPEG format, 55mm × 55mm size, over 350 DPI)
  • Video file (OPTIONAL. MPG/MPEG/MP4 format, 4MB maximum including the manuscript)

The materials can be submitted at the On-line Paper Submission site. Please use Windows or MacOSX environment for submission procedures for avoiding any technical issues. The detailed format for the manuscript is explained below.

Instructions for Manuscript Preparation

The conference proceedings is published by digital media. Each presenter is requested to submit the final manuscript PDF file generated by using the following template files (PDF, MS-WORD, LaTeX) which can be download in the following links.

Format file PDF format
MS-WORD format
LaTeX format(zip archive)

LaTeX Instructions (Windows + TexLive)

  • To compile the template you need to install pLaTeX.
  •  An example using TeXLive is shown below.
    1. Install TexLive. The URL for windows can be found on
    2. Open TexWorks (It’s installed and configured along with texlive)
    3. Go to Edit -> Settings
    4. Go to Typesetting Tab
    5. Click the plus buttonfig1
    1. In the name, put platex or something else. In the program, select ptex2pdf (If you can’t find it, add the executable path in the upper box)


  1. In the options, click the plus button for each of the options shown in the image and add them. In case of compiling using SJIS instead of UTF-8, replace utf8 for sjis
  2. Click Ok.
  3. Select the newly added option from the drop-down.
  4. Click on the play green button to compile.

Detailed format descriptions

  • Only PDF file accepted. The manuscript should have 2 pages at least and 4 pages at most. No materials over the following size limit are accepted:
    • Up to 2MB without videos.
    • Up to 4MB with videos (including manuscript)
  • DO NOT PRINT paper ID, page numbers, or conference name. These information will be inserted by the editors in production of the media. Top and bottom margin (25mm) must be kept.
  • Japanese or English is available for manuscript. In Japanese style, presentation title and authors (affiliations) should be written in both Japanese and English. Abstract (100-150 words) only English. From the top of the 1st page, Japanese title, English title, Japanese authors and English authors should be located in this order. Keywords should be located below the abstract. A circle should be marked at the top of the presenter among the multiple authors.
  • Please follow the JSME research presentation standards 1 to 9 here

Abstract text and Figures for Conference Digest Book

  • We will publish a Conference Digest Book including useful information for the conference and abstracts of all presentations. Please prepare the following materials for submission:
    1. Abstract of your presentation
    2. Representative Image file showing the presentation contents.
  • The abstract is 60 words at most. It can be entered at the online submission page (in preparation).
  • JPEG format, 55mm x 55mm size, 350dpi at least. A larger figure will be automatically scaled down by the editors.
  • Each page of the book will contain 6 presentations. Sample image

    Supplementary Multimedia Attachment

    Video submission is OPTIONAL. Please make the video file so that the total size of the manuscript and the video is less than or equal to 4MB. A video should be in a standard MPG/MPEG/MP4 format, which is playable in QuickTime Player/Windows Media Player or both. NO EXTRA FEE is charged for the video submission. Exceeding the above maximum sizes are not acceptable. Music as a BGM in the video is prohibited because of possible concerns about the copyright.