Conference Venue
“BIG PALETTE FUKUSHIMA” is multipurpose convention facilities in Koriyama city.
It is in about 15 minutes by bus from “Koriyama” station.


Access from Koriyama station to BIG PALETTE FUKUSHIMA

Buses is available from platform #1 of bus station at the west exit in JR Koriyama station. You exit the bus at “BIG PALETTE” bus stop.
Required Time : About 15 minutes.
One-way ticket : 300 yen.

※Please do not get on the bus bound for Shibamiya-Danchi(Sakae-Machi),
All buses except for the bus to bound for Shibamiya-Danchi stop by BIG PALETTE FUKUSHIMA.

**Additional Temporally Buses**
Additional temporally busses are available on the morning of 5/11 and 5/12.
You can use them at a especially prepared bus stop. Its information will be shown at Koriyama station.
One-way ticket : 300 yen.
Round-trip ticket: 500 yen.
We will sell a round-trip ticket only on the morning of 5/11 and 5/12 at a bus stop of Koriyama Station.

Bus traveling timetable
May 11th
May 12th

Hotel Hamatsu

Banquet Venue
Banquet is held at “Hotel Hamatsu” in Koriyama city.
It is in about 20 minutes on foot from the west exit in JR “Koriyama” station.
After special lecture, from 18:00, a courtesy busses is available at a front of Big-pallete.

»Hotel Hamatsu Web site

Lunch Map

Lunch map around the conference venue is here. Japanese version only.
Sorry for inconvenience. Click the figure for original size.