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Special Lecture

Date: May 11th (Thu.) 17:00~18:00
Place: 1F Convention Hall
Presentor: Yoshinori ASAO (GAINAX FUKUSHIMA)
Title: To excite “Innovation coast initiative” by anime!


JAXA Space Exploration Innovation Forum
Date: May 10th (Wed.) 13:30~16:00
Place: 3F Conference Room B
Program: Link (in Japanese)

Local interchange workshop “Challenge to a local technical subject”
Date: May 10th (Wed.) 10:00~16:25
Place: 3F Conference Room A
Program: Link (in Japanese)

NEDO Special Courses “Robot Service Business School” in Fukushima
Date: May 12th (Fri.) 10:00~17:00, May 13th (Sat.) 10:00~17:00
Place: 4F Presentation Room
Program: Link (in Japanese)

ImPACT Joint Workshop: Human Interfaces for Robot Innovation
Date: May 13th (Sat.) 9:00~15:00
Place: 3F Conference Room B
Program: Link (in Japanese)


Tutorial of Robot Service Network Protocol (RSNP)
Date: May 10th (Wed.) 10:00~17:00
Place: 3F Small Conference Room 2+3 (morning), 1F Multipurpose Room 2 (afternoon)
Program: Link (in Japanese)

RT-Middleware Tutorial
Date: May 10th (Wed.) 10:00~17:00
Place: 3F Small Conference Room 2+3
Program: Link (in Japanese)

Tutorial on Choreonoid
Date: May 10th (Wed.) 10:00~17:00
Place: 3F Meeting Room
Program: Link (in Japanese)

Demonstration of the creative robot contest for decommissioning
Date: May 13th (Sat.) 10:00~15:00
Place: 3F Conference Room B
Program: Link (in Japanese)

Technical Tour

Date: May 13 (Sat.) 8:30~16:00
Bus tour departing from Koriyama Station
※The tour ends at Koriyama Station.

Participants: Minimum 30 / Maximum 60
Fee: 3000 JPY / person
*Participants are requested to bring their own lunch.
*Foreign participants are requested to submit additional documents for entering facilities of the JAEA.

Panel exhibition “Footprint from Great East Japan Earthquake to REBIRTH”

 Six years have passed since the unprecedented disaster hit the Tohoku region. The tremendous damage caused by the earthquake, tsunami and especially the nuclear accident at the Dai-ichi Power plant left Fukushima Prefecture with a challenging future. However, thanks to the support of everyone in the whole country, reconstruction and revival efforts have slowly taken place.
 In light of this years theme, “Robotics and mechatronics leading to rebirth and breakthroughs,” the reconstruction and revival efforts from immediately after the disaster to the present are showcased in this exhibit. We hope that this will encourage you to extend your abilities and efforts in robotics and mechatronics to the revitalization of Fukushima Prefecture.
 Finally, your support for the disaster reconstruction efforts is deeply appreciated. Thank you very much.
Panel Provided by: FUKUSHIMA-MINPO CO., LTD.