Poster Presentation Preparation

<Overview of presentation method>

This year, Robomech2020 will be organized ONLINE on the same designated dates and program. We will utilize Facebook as a platform for conducting poster presentations based on predetermined sessions.
Presenters are required to create a poster and an introduction video clip (hereafter called presentation file) beforehand, and upload to the corresponding session on Facebook. By doing so, any audience/attendee who is interested in your poster can retrieve the presentation file.
Question and answer related to the presentation can be conducted through exchanging comments or chatting by messenger between the attendee and the presenter.
In addition, a presenter may select any favorite TV meeting-based URL (Zoom, Google hangouts Meet, Skype) or Video URL (Youtube) to post supplementary information on their designated Facebook session slot. In this way, a presenter may interact better with the attendees, including answering questions. In case of any difficulty in Facebook-based comment, a presenter may use other SNS means to contact the attendees.
In terms of session assignment, Robomech2020 Program Committees will create groups on Facebook. Please try to find your assigned group on Robomech2020 Facebook, access to it as soon as possible, and prepare for your attractive presentation.
Fig. 1 shows the conceptual image of presentation and Q&A.

Fig. 1: Conceptual Image of Poster Presentation by using Facebook
(Please click for close-up view)

<Contents to be prepared for presentation>

Please prepare following files for your presentation

  • Text for basic information (required)
    • Presentation number
    • Core time
    • Title
    • Presenter’s name and affiliation
  • Text for supplementary information (optional)
    • TV meeting-based URL (Zoom, Google Hangouts Meet, Skype)
    • Video URL(YouTube, etc.)
  • An Image file for poster (required)
    Please refer to the following URL
    FullHD 1920×1080(16:9)might be the standard poster image size for PC display, however, a presenter can configure the image size appropriately based on the contents of the poster

  • Video file (optional)
    Please refer to the following URL

[!] Regarding the method for uploading a poster, see the manual (password is required ).

<How to read presentation number:‘‘abc–xyz’’>

  • On the left side of the hyphen「–」
    First character
    a=1: means the first day (May 28, Thursday)
    a=2: means the second day (May 29, Friday)
    Second character
    b= A: means AM (morning session)
    b= P: means PM (afternoon session)
    Third character
    c= 1: means First Session
    c= 2: means Second Session
  • On the right side of the hyphen 「–」
    First character x=: means the identity of the session (divided based on OS)
    Second and third characters yz=: means the number of the poster in the session
    For example: a poster with number ’’1A1-A04’’ will be presented on the first day (May 28, Thursday), in the first session in the morning, and number 4 in the OS session A.

<Presentation core time>

Even though Robomech2020 is conducted online, we still want to keep the benefit of interactive communication. Therefore, we set a core time that asks a presenter to introduce her/his research in real time (using computer or smartphone devices) and interact with audiences.
Details are as followed:

  • Each session has 90 mins. Within a session, 45mins will be assigned as core time *Only last session 2P2 has 45mins. In this case, all 45 mins are core time.
  • During the core time, each presenter MUST present his/her poster or respond to questions immediately using informational devices (computer, tablet, smartphone).
  • For each core time, posters with even numbers will present in the first half, in contrast, odd numbers will present in the second half.
    *For 2P2, only present in the first half.
  • The poster uploading process can be started at any time after the completion announcement of the session preparation from the Program Committee. However, please take care about the publishing timing of your research. As soon as you upload your files to Facebook, your research becomes publicly known.
  • Please upload your presentation files as early as possible to avoid any unexpected trouble.


  • A presenter should not remove any files on Facebook after finishing her/his presentation.
  • Program committee will remove session groups themselves (all data) one week later.
  • A reviewer may see your poster or movie even after your designated core time has finished.


Please contact Robomech2020 Organizing Committee for any questions.
Before asking questions, please read the manual (password is required ) carefully again.
E-mail: rm2020[at]