Poster Presentation Preparation

All presentations will be presented POSTER style. The detailed requirements and formats for the poster presentation are as follows.

Poster Format

Poster Format

  • The size of each poster presentation space is twice of 90cm width and 210cm height boards (total width is 180cm).
  • A desk (180cm width, 70cm height and 45cm depth) is available for each presentation in front of the poster board.
  • Cellophane tape is prepared at the poster presentation hall.
    NO PINS OR DOUBLE-SIDED STICKY TAPE AVAILABLE for protecting the board surface.

  • Paste the A4-size INDEX paper at the top-left corner of the board. The INDEX should include presentation ID, session name, core-time, presenter name (affiliation) in English (and Japanese if possible). A sample is below (zoom in by click). [PPT template for index]

  • Poster presentation site is the 3rd exhibition hall. The layout of each presentation can be available on this PDF.

Miyako messe

Presentation Time

  • Each session has 90 minutes for presentation.
  • Each session divided into the first half (45 minutes) and the second one. “Core time”, the presenter should be in front of his/her poster in the duration, is scheduled for each presentation. The first half for the odd-number presentation and the second half for the even-number one.
  • Presenters can paste their poster on the designated board from 30 minutes before the session start. Complete pasting before the session start.
  • Remove the poster as soon as possible when the session finishes.
  • Any posters left on the board 20 minutes after session end may be removed by staffs.

Demonstration and PCs

  • 100V(2A) electricity is available for each presentation.
  • Prepare extra cables or taps by your self if you need.
  • All delivery of any devices or PCs for your presentation should be cared by yourself. NO OFFICIAL DELIVERY SERVICE AVAILABLE.
  • Officials may stop the demonstrations when it disturbs other presentations by its annoying sound or any dangerous situations.
  • NO STOCK SPACE AVAILABLE. Any posters or devices can not be acceptable at the conference venue before session.